Basic management policy

Generate synergies from the merger at an early stage and aim to become, as an R&D company that solves issues in agricultural production, a “strong, enduring company that can develop sustainably over the future.”

Important policies

1. Strengthen the business foundation by unifying processes

  1. Accelerate technological innovations (from discovery to process development)
  2. Establish an efficient supply chain
  3. Establish a stable supply system through safe operation
  4. Strengthen cost competitiveness


2. Strengthen the business foundation by concentrating managerial resources

  1. Appropriate allocation and effective use of managerial resources (people, goods, money, information)
  2. Strengthen the financial structure
  3. Enhance and promote the Group’s business strategy (optimize businesses)
  4. Establish an integrated mission-critical system


3. Minimize business risks

  1. Accelerate management decisions (consolidate information)
  2. Share information across the organization
  3. Manage risks of the entire business
  4. Continuously improve the internal control system


4. Growth strategy

  1. Expand business through selection and concentration of domestic businesses
  2. Strengthen market access of overseas businesses and accelerate global expansion
  3. Develop a core business based on the development and introduction of new technology
  4. Develop a high value-added fine chemicals business
  5. Strengthen each segment


5. Further enhance corporate governance